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At Tropical Lobb Corp Group, we measure our success by our clientís results. Fifteen years of experience and knowledge along with our global mindset has been established to simplify our clientís business needs eliminating trial and error while reducing cost and lost time. TLC Group clients are industry leading business to business companies that are faced with a variety of challenges in this new economy.
TLC Groupís groundbreaking approach for international business strategies is based on a structured, proven methodology that is supported by fact-based, customer-centric knowledge. Our senior level professionals bring unique qualifications, extensive experience, and an extraordinary commitment to each engagement delivering creative, innovative insights for a comprehensive solution.

By being a financial & strategic partner, TLC Group is confident that our proven solutions for your current or future business project will be a key factor to your success.
Smart solutions that mean business . Tropical Lobb Corp Group is a worldwide Consulting & Financial Services firm. We provide strategic advisory and advocacy consultation as well as monetary support.

TLC Group specializes in high-level intervention regarding domestic and international projects, assisting clients to identify strategic partnerships and private investment opportunities

The Consulting & Financial Services of TLC Group are designed to offer clients unmatched multi-million dollar financial investment opportunities with the alliances of foreign investors and governments.

Other services include counseling companies and individual investors on tactical planning, international government issues, global commodity trading, and access into international markets for successful business venture in the countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.


Tropical Lobb Corp Group began 15 years ago with the vision of supporting coffee and cocoa farmers in the country of Ivory Coast with agricultural technology and life sustaining provisions needed to harvest crops...

Chairman and CEO, Mr. Bachir Couassi-Ble made the modern development of the African continent into the industrialized world his lifelong mission.


Mission Statement To be the global leader in strategic consulting, financial engineering, and commodity distribution worldwide in the industries of political advisory, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, food processing, import/export, and finance.
Vision Statement: Tropical Lobb Corp Group wants to export the opportunity of life-enhancing technology to third-world and developing nations around the globe and import natural, chemical-free food products to industrialized nations at a low cost in order to improve the lives of malnourished and impoverished millions who are struggling to survive.
Tropical Lobb Corp Group has developed financial and technical partnerships with several companies in the industries of Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, and so on. To date, TLC Group has established its headquarters in Houston, Texas USA and branch offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia in order to fulfill the needs of a global market.
If you have any business opportunities you would like to present to Tropical Lobb Corp Group, please contact us by email at info@tropicallobbgroup.com. We will respond shortly to any business offer or inquiry.

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